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SMWS Restores Wetland

Posted by Elizabeth on March 20, 2015


Along with a team of experts, the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society has restored a wetland pond in the Somenos Marsh to treat storm water and create wildlife habitat. It has been a long journey to get to this point but this pilot project has been a long-time goal for SMWS. 

After months of planning and gaining approvals the pond was finally dug on March 19th. Beverly St. was abuzz with activity as woody debris for the wsign.jpgetland was delivered on big trucks and the excavator operator got ready to spring into action. 

This project funded by the National Wetland Conservation Fund and the Municipality of North Cowichan was undertaken for two purposes. The first is to treat stormwater coming off the nearby urban area and draining into the marsh. The second is to create wildlife habitat by adding open water, wood features and native vegetation. 

The construction phase of the project took approximately five hours. The fun part now will be watching this new wetland pond come into its own over time.  

A planting party is taking place on March 21st from 10am to 1pm. Please see the SMWS Facebook page for details.