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Somenos Staff Hits Halifax

Posted by Elizabeth on May 20, 2015


Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society Program Coordinator Presents at the Atlantic Watershed Stewardship Showcase 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Elizabeth Bailey, Program Coordinator for the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by our water quality monitoring project partners CURA H20 this May in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CURA H20 (a Community-University Research Alliance based out of Saint Mary's University) hosted the two day workshop as an opportunity for their partners to network and be updated on the CURA's progress.


CURA is a 5 year project focussed on increasing community capacity for integrated water quality monitoring and management in Canada and internationally. The project represents a partnership between community groups (mainly based in Atlantic Canada), academia, various levels of government, schools and the private sector. The goal of the project is to standardize data collection at the community level by providing an online training certification course and standardized Wet-Pro monitoring toolkits. The project is in the last year of it's funding but is seeking to continue for an additional 6 years.








Students from local universities network with maritime stewardship groups. 

SMWS became involved with CURA just under a year ago when we became their first BC partners. We now use their training resources and equipment in our water quality monitoring programs in Somenos Lake and the Beverly St. Wetland Restoration project. This partnership has benefited our group greatly by providing the resources we need to collect high quality data to be used for local water management decisions. We sincerely hope that CURA receives funding to continue their work, if so we may see their presence expand on the West coast.